Here I go again. I have four blogs now! One on my personal Yahoo 360, another for my College Yahoo 360 and a family one on .mac. This blog, which WILL work, is intended to be a holding space for ideas and discoveries and plans. It is linked to Google which so far is the most interesting of the email services, wooing me back away from Yahoo as it is so detailed and flexible. I would like to figure out how to add RSS feeds to this Blogger site so I can pursue researches and keep up to date with other blogger pages, e.g. Pynchonoid. ‘Against the Day’ hasn’t arrived in the library yet, despite being published two days ago. I guess they are covering it in plastic. Mmm.
As for Zaffre Kolinsky… I don’t know. He is waiting in the wings as ever. Waiting for his chance. The Fairly Dark Lords are up and away. I wonder if they will get signed. I should imagine that they will reject all overtures.
First things first, though. I will be posting teaching ideas. Then maybe some essays. Then maybe some extracts of work in progress. Then maybe some paitings and foldovers… Can I organise all this into explorer style menus?