Second run of tutorials this week.

Continued with Z working on Ableton Live. We couldn’t get the guitar to record on the audio interface, so we used samples to create a complete track. Then we experimented with envelopes to automate volume levels, but again we had trouble getting smooth curves, so we need to investigate how to do this. All in all it was a really good session though and Z achieved a lot.

A has produced a Powerpoint show based around the theme he chose last week on Sunsets. He used his own image and inserted text and automated transitions etc. But we were unable to place an audio track to run through the entire show, as it only seems to play through single slides. On a Mac this wouldn’t be a problem so we ended the session by planning to produce a video using A’s materials on a Mac using Keynote and iMovie to create a complete video and soundtrack which we will upload to YouTube.

Finally, M continued his Shark project. We added information to his Mind Map and used it to start a Keynote presentation. Then we watched the next segment of the Rob Stewart’s film Sharkwater. Pretty strong stuff. I tested M on information he had picked up from the film and he wrote up what he could remember into his presentation. We aim to complete it in the next session and convert it to a short video for YouTube.

This type of work would be ideal for the students at the Phoenix Academy, if we can get a Mac suite set up.