This is a quick, roughly edited video I put together for a track I produced in Garageband.

In fact, the title is somewhat misleading as it only really shows North Point, in very low-fi footage, the ruined jetty at Pebbles Beach and the road to Cherry Tree Hill, near St Nicholas Abbey. The tunnel of mahogany trees there and the view as you crest the hill is stupendous, particularly the gnarled cherry tree forest (acerolas) that crawls towards the south and looks like something out of Jack Vance.

There seems to be an error in the middle where the credits repeat themselves, but no matter. I intend to improve my editing skills, in fact I could hardly fail to, but I do like the music. I’m working on a remix of it, cutting some of the beats and improving the atmosphere and space within it. It evolved from one of the presets that came with Native Instruments free Kore Player, which is marvellous. I’d love to be able to splash out on some of the (not free) sound packs.