Visited the library at the Barbados Museum today. Met a volunteer librarian, who was really nice. I had a quick look around, but couldn’t get much of an idea of the holdings. They are trying to recruit a new librarian at the moment and I am looking into the possibility.

I glanced through Wild Majesty, an anthology of reports of encounters with the Carib Indians from Columbus to the present by Peter Hulme (who taught me at Essex University) and Neil Whitehead. I read the extracts by Jean Rhys and Patrick Leigh Fermor and looked at the section on Douglas Taylor who sounds very interesting. I wonder if any of his works are available as full view on Google Books?

I just checked and the answer seems to be no, mostly it’s articles by him in ‘snippet view’. But I did find a ‘full view’ copy of one of Walter Roth‘s book on Guiana Indians here. I am rapidly becoming addicted to Google Books and Gutenberg. I only wish I could afford an ebook reader like the Iliad. As it is though I am reading in depth rather than in breadth, as the books I have are few. There are strong advantages to this, so perhaps for now I am better off.