OK. I have no (or very few) readers right now, so I am going to stop trying to rake in the millions by putting up Amazon Widgets and Adsense banners etc. I’m going to make this Blog ad-free once more, like the good old days.

Perhaps then, all those good devoted blog readers out there will forgive me and start reading. Or maybe the Adsense police will come and get me. I didn’t read the small print; perhaps I’m forbidden from deleting the gidget thing…

Adsense has so far mostly spit out things I wouldn’t use or am not interested in so I feel it is at best irrelevant and at worst dishonest to display it here.

The Amazon one had to be removed as it affects loading time and seems to mess up the page. I don’t mind advertising for them though as I buy from them whenever I can afford to.

I shall continue to post links to Amazon products and to other companies if they are relevant to the content and if they are something I either own or would get myself.