I went to The Book Place in Bridgetown today and picked up a few choice items, which I thought I would display here, in a somewhat ironic homage to la Jeff Vandermeer, as his stacks of obscure and collectible gems literally tower above my own poultry (I mean paltry) collection.

I decided against Tokyo as Sue and I have both read it and I thought I would leave it there, in the spirit of philanthropy, for another lucky browser, although considering the unforgettable branding of horror that the reader gets from that book perhaps my impulse is not as kind as it at first appears. Hmm, maybe I should save this imaginary reader from the poisonous tome by buying it myself and locking it away… I’ll decide next time I visit, or put a poll up and let the readers decide.

The photo is not good so here’s the list:

  • ‘The Snow’ by Adam Roberts
  • ‘The Holy Grail – The History of a Legend’ by Richard Barber
  • ‘Little, Big’ by John Crowley
  • ‘The Mission of Friar William of Rubruck – His Journey to the Court of the Great Khan Mongke 1253-1255’; Ed. Peter Jackson (not of LTR fame I guess) and David Morgan
  • ‘Wireless’ by Jack O’Connell

I was overjoyed to find the Jack O’Connell, who I’d never heard of until his guest spot on Ecstatic Days. Synchronicity is in operation as ever. Fantastic!