From the site:

The Knowledge Bank online conference this year is focused on Web 2.0 in education: what it is, how it’s being used today and its potential to radically change education.

Topic: Learning in a changing world – Web 2.0 and beyond
When: Six sessions held over July 22 and 23 2008
Where: Online in Elluminate
Sign Up: The conference is free but you need to Sign Up.

Web 2.0 is not new – many of us have used social networking sites like YouTube, TeacherTube and FaceBook. We know about Wikipedia, Skype and podcasting. We read, even write, and comment on blogs. But what might happen to education as Web 2.0 becomes mainstream?

  • Introducing Web 2.0. Who are you? Where have I met you before?
  • How can reading and writing a blog change your way of learning?
  • How does a direct connection with an expert shift your relationship to knowledge?
  • Who are the content experts?
  • What skills should we be teaching to young people, and what can we learn from them?