I’ve spent much of today working on a video for Phoenix Academy and trying to learn to use Final Cut Express. I’m attempting to put together a scene using cricket footage. However, I’m not much of a sports fan and feel somewhat out of my depth, both in terms of my knowledge of cricket and of how to work Final Cut. Video codecs (if that’s the right word) are deeply mysterious things.

MacProVideo’s excellent course on Final Cut, which I got this morning, seems to be making it all much easier though – well, only the video editing, not the cricket. It’s available for download at the title link above.

I’m starting to get to grips with them though and, luckily, half a lifetime spent growing up in England (the other half elsewhere) I seem to have absorbed a reasonable grasp of cricket, a deeply arcane and strange but fascinating game. I might even start liking it…

Tomorrow I have to work on improving the Phoenix website, which is still only preliminary.