Matt Staggs was talking about ludicrous spam with semi-inviting titles on his blog and at first I thought this email was an example. But it isn’t. It’s real and it looks too good to miss.

I cut and paste from my Gmail box:

Speaker: Dr Mark Norman
When: Monday 18 August at 9.20am
For: Primary and Secondary teachers and students, Grade 4 and up
Where: Online in Elluminate.
Sign up: to sign up.

Earlier this month, Melbourne Museum held its first ever public dissection of the largest giant squid Australian researchers have encountered. In this seminar, world-renowned squid expert and Deputy Head of Science at Museum Victoria, Dr Mark Norman, will be talking about what was learned in the public dissection and how it might contribute to greater awareness and understanding of these little-known and rarely seen deep-sea creatures.

This seminar follows our hugely successful “Meet the Motherfish” seminar with Dr John Long where we had more than six teacher-led classes join us online giving their kids a chance to speak direct to Dr Long. This second Science Superstars event is a great opportunity for science teachers to attend with their classes by joining in via electronic whiteboards. Participants will get an opportunity to talk direct with Dr Norman about the squid and what it can teach us.

This event is free but you need to sign up. For more information and to sign up go to:

Thanks to Knowledgebank for this! I expect all you squid-crazy kids to get on down there and sign up at once.