This incredible site was recommended in this post at Futurismic. I checked it out, joined immediately and started adding such brain-watering classics as Olaf Stapledon’s Starmaker, David Lindsay’s A Voyage to Arcturus and William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land (gratuitous namedrop: WHH shares my initials and first two names and was my great-great-uncle) to my favourites.

So, apart from supporting great new writers by buying their books, going to their readings, commenting on their blogs etc. and maybe occasionally indulging in splashing out on the odd collectible re-issue, there really is no excuse to be spending money on classics that have passed their copyright, or for them to have to be made from trees.

I need (or is it want?) an eReader! Now! Particularly for me here in Barbados, where buying new books is prohibitively expensive – they have to be imported, taxed etc. etc. or carried in luggage that rapidly exceeds its weight allowance with even the most modest of libraries. It would be very useful and brilliant to have all these wonderful books to hand (most of which I have hard copies of in storage in London). I’m saving up for one…