I am really enjoying using WordPress. In general I like it better than Blogger, something about the style and design and ease of use, though Blogger is no slouch. So I think I’ll be sticking to WordPress now as I don’t want to keep switching and making life confusing.

A couple of things about WordPress really bug me though. Yesterday I was flabbergasted to see that I have to PAY to host MP3 files! This is very frustrating as music tech is one of the things I do. It may be a mercy to the rest of the world and to anyone who happens on this blog but I’m very disappointed. Once I stay under a certain space limit on my free account, what difference should it make what file types I put on the blog? I can put my music on garageband.com, in fact I do, but I’d much rather have it all in one place for my millions of fans.

Another gripe is that I can’t use one of my favourite features from Blogger – the ability to host my Google Reader shared items. This means I am missing links to fellow bloggers that I would like to promote, as well as updates from my news feeds. To get a similar effect I’d have to do it all again manually (something like what Matt Staggs does with his excellent Bookosphere) or add a whole load of RSS feeds which could be messy and is less discriminating. But the reader widget on Blogger was so quick and easy!

My stop-gap solution has been to place a link I call Nautiloid News on my Blog Roll list, which works quite well.

Finally, I found that I can’t load any Java scripts, which means I couldn’t put my LibraryThing book display on my blog…

If anyone reads this and thinks I’m being an idiot and/or there are easy solutions to any of these problems I’d be really grateful.