Shape of Water Cover Art

Shape of Water Cover Art

I had asked Ken Wong about using one of his images on this blog after Matt Staggs had showcased his art. Despite his self-confessed aversion for checking email, he kindly wrote back with an ok and mentioned that one of his paintings is on the cover of a book.

The book is called Shape of Water by Anne Spollen.

Here is the description from Amazon:

According to 15-year-old Magdalena’s mother, the world is strange, beautiful, and watery-full of secrets and discoveries known only to mother and daughter. But when her mother dies suspiciously, it becomes an arid world of anxiety, sexual confusion, and desperate loneliness, where an imaginary family of bickering fish torment her. Magda’s only outlet is the beautiful but destructive fires she starts in the marshes near her house. As her father and aunt try to pull her into a mundane world of school, schedules, and stepmothers, the voices of the fish in her head tempt her toward insanity. Magda must plot a course between her mothers fatal madness and her father’s soul-destroying normalcy.

The Shape of Water is a darkly lyrical and surprising tapestry of mundane and imaginative worlds. Magda untangles family secrets, struggles to cope with profound loss, and finally discovers a stable place in the world-without compromising herself.

Spollen has a good Q&A spot on her work at Amazon.

The plot description reminds me vaguely of A Tale of Two Sisters by Kim Ji-Woon, which is a dark and pretty disturbing story about loss, loneliness and severe family tensions and happens to feature a lake.

I’ll keep an eye out for the book. It sounds good. And what a cover! Incidentally, you can buy a print of it here.