Peter Milton

Peter Milton

I have finally got round to starting Little, Big by John Crowley, which I found by lucky chance a few weeks ago in one of the island’s only second-hand bookstores.

Doing some background reading (without ‘plot spoiling’) I notice that a special 25th anniversary edition is to be published, to the author’s specifications, by Incunabula Press in Seattle, illustrated by Peter Milton (link in image).

Here is the message Crowley posted on the site:

To All –

Every author dreams that his work will be afforded all the care in editing, design, and production that he would give it himself, if he could. That (usually futile) dream was fulfilled for me when Incunabula published a collection of my stories called Antiquities, a marvellous (and now quite valuable) volume. So I’m delighted that publisher Ron Drummond and designer John Berry have joined up again in a new project on my behalf – a splendid new edition of Little, Big on its 25th anniversary. The project has my full and enthusiastic support, and I will be working with them on every aspect of the publication. What a treat! I hope you will think so too.

Sounds lovely.

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