After a good Sprinti

After a good Sprinti

I wouldn’t normally write about my dreams on this blog, but I remember them so infrequently these days and this one is really quite interesting.

The character is a young English woman on a gap year, possibly in La Paz, working as a volunteer teacher.  She is talking to ‘camera’ explaining about how she has coped with the altitude and can now ‘run around with my iPod’ because she’s been doing this local, and very ancient, sport called ‘Sprinti.’

Basically it’s a bit like a big Inka game of tag.  You are given a coloured thread by someone and told to run and take it to a specified person in such-and-such a part of the city.  You deliver the thread to them and add another, which you have to find on the way.

That recipient then has to deliver both threads to the person you specify.  And so on, building up more and more threads and connecting more and more people.

Towards the end of the dream it was explained that the runner wears the threads on their wrist and that they represent some form of notice to the community, a bit like a kind of charity run for a cause, so people might say: ‘Ah, there goes so-and-so on a Sprinti for the Kid’s Hospital.’

The dream seemed so realistic that I almost wonder whether Sprinti isn’t real – perhaps it’s a message from the Aylllu unconscious, or maybe it’s a reference to Khipu runners.  Who knows?

Nice idea though.  Next time someone asks if you play a sport you can say – ‘Sure, I do a bit of Sprinti every now and again.’