I hatched a plan today to create a series of songs for my friends, most of whom are in England.  I made a start today by finishing a track I began yesterday and dedicated it to Jamie, a friend of ours in London.  Not sure why, but the piano melody reminded me of him and then that gave me the whole idea.  Having a person in mind when crafting a tune really seems to give the sounds a shape and purpose.

I think that I created a particularly nice bass instrument on Garageband for the song and wanted to share the technical details here.  Unfortunately I can’t work out how to use Grab to capture images of the Garageband instruments so I can’t show the settings – the EQ and synth boxes disappear whenever Grab is clicked on.

Anyhow nearly all the samples were created by Nu:Tone, available at Loopmasters.  I have only used the free demo samples at this stage and I was amazed by the quality.  I will definitely consider buying the complete set.

It could do with some more work in the mixing, but I’m pretty happy with it, especially as I knocked it together in about four or five hours from auditioning sounds to mastering.

Listen to it here.

Next up: Suzanne.