Watched this film last night with Sue. I had got through the first half with Maya over a couple of afternoons and amazingly, for a 2 year old, she was glued to it. I probably won’t watch the second half with her yet though. I might cry too much, which could be disturbing…

I think it’s a fantastic film and extremely unusual in its confrontation of an obvious but all too often overlooked problem (no plot spoilers here though!).

The acting is just right, the mood and atmosphere well conveyed, especially the discomforts and embarrassments of school. Apparently it was filmed in New Zealand but I kept seeing Oregon or Washington state. My only real criticism would be the somewhat clumsy animation of the fantasy elements, particualrly the troll. It is ironic that the film was advertised as a fantasy movie a la Narnia, as that completely misses the point.

The characters are so compelling – Jess, Leslie and Ms Edmonds. In fact, Leslie reminded me of an idea I kept coming across that something does not have to have literally happened for it to be true (I think it was Bart Ehrman who reinforced this notion when he described myth as something which, while it never really happened, happens all the time). And in a weird way Leslie has become real in my mind, joining Ged and Margarita and few others who have taken up residence in there.  Having said that, the key event in Terebithia, did occur and inspired the original novel by Katherine Paterson.

I’m not sure the story has any final answers – if it tried they’d be trite – instead it remains beautiful and powerful.