I know it may be bad practice to blog about things that you really don’t like but in this case I just couldn’t help myself.  I caught some of this movie recently.  It purports to discuss quantum theory and our limited perceptions of reality.

The fundamental premise is that each individual creates their own personal universe, a view supposedly based on evidence from experiments performed by quantum physicists on subatomic particles which have been found to have uncertain properties that are in some sense ‘determined by the observer’.  The film-makers conclude from these ‘scientific findings’ that the real world is an illusion, constructed by our minds through our intentions, choices and actions.

There is a fly in the ointment though.  If it is ‘true’ that we all construct our own universes then why the bleep would we listen to scientists, especially quantum physicists?  They are just imagining their own results anyway, so how can we use any of their findings as evidence from which to draw conclusions?

If science, like everything else, is an illusion – a set of constructs fabricated from wishful thinking, then no theory can be subject to testing – to proof or disproof – and experiments become meaningless.  Quantum physics can prove nothing, so the film neatly removes its own evidential basis and disappears up its own rabbit hole.  There are no reasonable grounds for accepting or denying any of its premises and there is nowhere to go.

On reflection, I would say that the film is aptly named.  The film makers seem to know bleep-all and it looks like they’d like the rest of us to stay that way too.