Steve Horelick has done a masterful (ha ha) job with both these tutorials. The one on mastering has only just come out and it is superb. He takes a subject that has the reputation of being pretty intimidating and esoteric and makes it very clear and easy to understand and apply, without any dumbing down. The tutorial is a model of screencasting really, particularly the way visuals and metaphors are used, corny jokes and all.

The ES2 tutorial has been around for longer but I only just got round to buying it. It is something else though. All of Steve H’s courses have been good but this one I just love – I can’t quite work out why. When I first tried to use the ES2 I found the presets disappointing and the faceplate confusing so I ignored it for ages. Then I started experimenting and getting some interesting results. However, now I’ve been watching this tutorial I’m really beginning to get it, and not just the ES2, but the principles of synthesis and sound-design more generally. This is probably the best thing I’ve used from MacProVideo and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Below is a great YouTube video introducing the ES2 by SFLogic Ninja. His stuff is also well worth checking out.