Here is a dub track I whipped up to back this charming little feature of our cat Skarzor and new puppy Jack messing about in the garden.  They are best friends and spend much of the day chasing each other and playing, when they aren’t eating or sleeping. What a life.

This mix is quite dry-sounding (forgot the reverb on the drum track) but I rather like it like that.  The bass is from a set of Garageband reggae apple loops mixed and matched together and the drums are from Ultrabeat’s Classic Dub 01 preset, which is simply marvellous.  The daft vocal samples come from the ever wonderful folks at Loopmasters.  Check out their ‘Movie Dialogue’ collections. It’s been done a million times but I still love it. Cliche chic.

I made a better master of this track last night but I probably won’t post it (unless an online petition is set up begging me to with at least a billion signatories).  Instead I have decided to work on a complete dub album – maybe I’ll have it ready to inflict on the unsuspecting at Yuletide.

PS – I STILL don’t know how to type accents on a Mac. How tragic.