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Albín Brunovský

By Albín Brunovský

I was flickering through my Google Reader feeds, trying vainly to catch up and struggling beneath an informational avalanche when I saw a shaft of light through the trees and found THIS.

Above is a sample of the kind of things that are showcased – forgotten books and their illustrators.


Thanks to DarkRoastedBlend for pointing me there.


Berklee Music is probably the best regarded online music training school. I registered there a while back but simply haven’t been able to afford to do any of their amazing-looking courses (yet – I’m working on it). However the site is still extremely useful with lots of free resources.

For example, they have several excellent blogs with advice on music production, theory etc. I have embedded an example from Erik Hawkins’ blog, which focuses on using Reason and Pro-Tools (click this post’s title for the link).

Like the perennial favourite – ‘who would you like to invite to dinner’ (never of course consulting the chosen one’s feelings) – there is a related question of ‘dream blog’.

This might qualify.

I just deleted a blog I was in the process of starting, which I had planned to use for noting down teaching ideas and keeping a record of my work at College. Unfortunately, Blogger identified it as a ‘spam blog’ and locked it, saying it needed to be ‘reviewed’ before I could use it again.

I really can’t be bothered with this type of thing so I just got rid of it. Luckily I had only written one entry so far, so it’s no real loss. I still have another blog with them which I might still use for my teaching etc. if I still feel like using if at all anymore… (sulky sniff)

OK, to be fair, they explain it in my email thus:

We find spam by using an automated classifier. Automatic spam detection is inherently fuzzy, and occasionally a blog like yours is flagged incorrectly. We sincerely apologize for this error. By using this kind of system, however, we can dedicate more storage, bandwidth, and engineering resources to bloggers like you instead of to spammers.

I’ll just put it down to an inherently fuzzy bot-sweep then.  Even so, WordPress keeps looking better and better.

The Moon!

The Moon!

Cliff Burns has completed a second dark and desolate novel for free download. It is called Of the Night, and follows on from So Dark the Night.

I intend to devour these as soon as I can, though I do have trouble reading on the computer screen for long periods. Perhaps devour is the wrong word, maybe it should be ‘snack voraciously’…

Thanks for sharing your work Cliff.

Into the labyrinth that is the web. Links and side-tracks.

Here is a typical evening’s trajectory, over a rum and tonic with bitters:

Matt Staggs’ post on Martin Millar → Ennis Drake‘s comment on the post → Berrien C HendersonBehind the WainscotFarrago’s Wainscot

And who is there, behind Farrago’s wainscoting? Ekaterina Sedia, Cat Rambo, Catherynne M Valente, Jeff Vandermeer and others, lurking, their blasphemous gibberings and scratchings whispering to my fevered brain…

A Nautilus

A Nautilus

I’m catching up with my online reading and I just spotted this, a Romanian SF webzine, mentioned by Horia Ursu in his post on Ecstatic Days two days ago.

I hit on the name Nautiloid by a kind of happy accident and I am quite fond of it.

So now, I suppose I should do some research into just how many Nautilus-related sites there are out there, and perhaps even put a Nautilus-themed page on this blog.

The Romanian editor and bibliophile Horia Ursu is guest-blogging on Ecstatic Days this week.

The spot has got off to a raucous start with Predators, Aliens, T-Rex eggs (dino not Bolan) and Romanian dark beer (yes please!), among other strange things.

A good debate is running on Matt Staggs’ site which he has also transferred to his guest spot on Ecstatic Days here. Naturally, I’ve plunged right in with some of my own pithy and insightful nuggets of wisdom.

Check it out and join in.

I am really enjoying using WordPress. In general I like it better than Blogger, something about the style and design and ease of use, though Blogger is no slouch. So I think I’ll be sticking to WordPress now as I don’t want to keep switching and making life confusing.

A couple of things about WordPress really bug me though. Yesterday I was flabbergasted to see that I have to PAY to host MP3 files! This is very frustrating as music tech is one of the things I do. It may be a mercy to the rest of the world and to anyone who happens on this blog but I’m very disappointed. Once I stay under a certain space limit on my free account, what difference should it make what file types I put on the blog? I can put my music on, in fact I do, but I’d much rather have it all in one place for my millions of fans.

Another gripe is that I can’t use one of my favourite features from Blogger – the ability to host my Google Reader shared items. This means I am missing links to fellow bloggers that I would like to promote, as well as updates from my news feeds. To get a similar effect I’d have to do it all again manually (something like what Matt Staggs does with his excellent Bookosphere) or add a whole load of RSS feeds which could be messy and is less discriminating. But the reader widget on Blogger was so quick and easy!

My stop-gap solution has been to place a link I call Nautiloid News on my Blog Roll list, which works quite well.

Finally, I found that I can’t load any Java scripts, which means I couldn’t put my LibraryThing book display on my blog…

If anyone reads this and thinks I’m being an idiot and/or there are easy solutions to any of these problems I’d be really grateful.

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