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Having been shelling out for .Mac/Mobile Me account for the past few years I thought it was about time I really made the most of the storage and facilities, so I’ve been working on a new website to house my favourite photos and my music videos in one place.

The full web address is:


Here is a dub track I whipped up to back this charming little feature of our cat Skarzor and new puppy Jack messing about in the garden.  They are best friends and spend much of the day chasing each other and playing, when they aren’t eating or sleeping. What a life.

This mix is quite dry-sounding (forgot the reverb on the drum track) but I rather like it like that.  The bass is from a set of Garageband reggae apple loops mixed and matched together and the drums are from Ultrabeat’s Classic Dub 01 preset, which is simply marvellous.  The daft vocal samples come from the ever wonderful folks at Loopmasters.  Check out their ‘Movie Dialogue’ collections. It’s been done a million times but I still love it. Cliche chic.

I made a better master of this track last night but I probably won’t post it (unless an online petition is set up begging me to with at least a billion signatories).  Instead I have decided to work on a complete dub album – maybe I’ll have it ready to inflict on the unsuspecting at Yuletide.

PS – I STILL don’t know how to type accents on a Mac. How tragic.

This track was built from in Garageband using some of its piano loops run through the Kore Player using FM8 and Absynth presets. Then I added a simple drum pattern plus my own bassline, plus some basic effects like a track echo automated on the drums.

I did a quick mix and master in Logic (on headphones). The tune was made as a backing for a video of my daughter and our new puppy so it has a kind of twee plinkiness, but there are some ideas in there I want to adapt and work on.

The slideshow is a set of texture shots I’ve taken in Barbados over the last year or so.

This is the second mix of a track I’m working on, named after the book by James Blaylock. I’ve been choosing song titles from books I’ve been reading lately. It seems as a good a method as any.

I want to work some more on the arrangement as it is perhaps a little monotonous. It’s getting there though. I particularly like the skittering, slithy drum noises, courtesy of Ultrabeat.

But I’m not happy with the bassline and the overall balance of sound. Part of the problem is that it is pretty much impossible for me to monitor the mix accurately as I don’t have decent speakers, only cheap headphones and my nephew’s bass amp. Also, the mix posted here is heavily compressed which doesn’t help either (excuses, excuses…).

The video is just there to frame the music so I can blog it and is a random comp of footage from Slovakia and Somerset.

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