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After a long hiatus, I have once again received a prime piece of inexplicable nonsense in my spam folder.  With some careful copying and plain text conversion I have rendered it into a harmless yet intriguingly weird poem.

I hate spam, but it’s nice when you can use recycle it into ‘art’ – very green.

Spam Poem

lower avow agog maths
poem haggle pinto dingo!
dagger brooch
maths proem
puddle yawl put dance!
toss toss khan scrap!
hoary dangles today’s khan!
legal tother hern footer!
vouch egress.

scrap sadism shapen alert!
proem juicy footer maths!
terse paid tother abbess!
sultry hackee boh drat?
scrap proem
dalle virile planer schism
maths tendon
parish drag maths haggle?
avow filth.

abbess link laser
telly boh
entail virile
common furore juicy drag?
abbess pirn patio spur?
brooch shapen boh smug.

pinto amines today
legal link
smug si lower focal!
yawl dago juicy
footer paid potto si!
idly stable uptake
brooch amines alert tendon!
paid solar
drill paid damme put?
footer khan.

drat pinto regard proem?
winy argue spur tother!
egress virus parish shapen!
sweet spur
legal sweet sadism planer!
asthma braky
comity virile avow.
pant haggle terse.
sadism whack patio idly!
uptake drill trader.
diver bane parish regard!
metope khan drag regard!
emote lower lemon haggle.

scrap proem pirn avow?
metope idly idly egress.
planer sadism scrap.
riven riven hackee sadism.
vouch common.
maths tower yawl abbess?
metope damme pirn.
hackee parish tower.

legal joy hackee legal!
legal sadism
metope sleigh regard virus?
emote metope focal ennui
focal drag smug virus!
sultry tother proem
solar filth pirn egress?
abbess entail.

joy sinewy lemon haggle!
scrap drat terse
common sleigh sinewy dagger.
drat stable comity
pirn loss link smug
hern proem quid hoary
trader comity winy pant?
hern whack proem robin
joy quid regard pirn!

terse winy
filler sultry quid
breezy patio ennui idly?
pinto haggle uptake
terse paid camera quid!
puddle link planer
focal planer scrap winy.
argue put lory.

shapen winy lower
sultry diver
damme jocose
alert loss
idly sultry agog
infer argue drill pirn!
mute egress planer toss?
egress virile.

furore footer
hunch si dalle hern!
lemon lory agog joy
alert put entail furore
damme infer today schism?
paid abbess quid lory!
comity infer juicy
diver smug camera solar.

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